The firm specializes in rehabilitating companies and associations, creditors and debt restructuring, dissolution and receiverships, bankruptcy, monetary claims and collection.קראו עוד

הרפורמה בהליכי פשיטת הרגל

Corporate Law

The firm offers comprehensive legal services to a variety of companies, associations, partnerships and other local and international institutes in a wide array of matters,קראו עוד

הרפורמה בהליכי פשיטת הרגל

Civil Commercial Litigation

The firm’s litigation field is among the finest in Israel. The firm has vast experience managing large complex litigation cases, and representing institutes and private clients, in all courts of law. קראו עוד

Real Estate

The firm has vast experience in real estate and represents companies, financial institutes, contractors and private entrepreneurs, in Israel and abroadקראו עוד

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