The firm specializes in rehabilitating companies and associations, creditors and debt restructuring, dissolution and receiverships, bankruptcy, monetary claims and collection. The firm’s unique advantage is Adv. Efrati’s successful practical business experience, who implements his deep business understanding. The firm represents banks and financial institutes, insurance companies, gas companies, municipalities, councils, companies and private clients. Adv. Efrati is appointed by the court pertaining to insolvency matters, including receivership, special manager and trustee, and has accumulated experience in managing and selling insolvent businesses. The firm is widely experienced, is appointed in complex cases and has accumulated vast knowledge regarding asset smuggling and class preferences. Insolvency is a complex delicate legal and business field, bordering between the business and the legal worlds. The lawyers are required to represent companies supervised by the firm vis-a-vis the insolvency proceedings at court, nevertheless to manage the business in order to maximize it. The firm represents creditors and serves monetary claims regarding large debts. The firm rehabilitates companies and associations, prior to insolvency. The firm also submits dissolution and freezing proceedings on behalf of creditors, manages insolvency proceedings and collects debts. Moreover, the firm represents insolvent companies and private clients and assists them regarding their new path.