Efrati & Co law firm

Born: 1977.
Education: B.A., Law and Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Current Position: Owner & Founder of Efrati & Co. Law Firm.
Practice Areas: Insolvency (liquidation procedures, bankruptcies), real estate, litigation. Positions in Public
Organizations: Member, Israel’s National Liquidation Committee; Member, Jerusalem’s Liquidation Committee.
Languages: Hebrew, English.
Number of Years in Current Position: 12 years.
E-mail: office@efratilaw.co.il

Efrati & Co. law firm is a boutique firm that specializes in insolvency and large scale complex debt restructuring, as well as in civil litigation, real estate and corporate law. The firm is renowned for its professional excellence and is characterized by creativity and thoroughness. Among the firm’s clients are the country’s largest banks, insurance companies, municipalities and local authorities. The firm has a distinct advantage in the business world, which stems from adv. Gil Efrati’s vast practical business experience. This unique advantage renders the added value, which the firm’s clients enjoy regarding each of the firm’s areas of expertise, and especially regarding insolvency. Among others, the firm represents import and export companies and drafts some of the most complex trade agreements in Israel. Regarding real estate, the firm guides entrepreneurs vis-à-vis gas station establishment licensing proceedings.


Adv. Efrati, the firm’s founder, maintains vast knowledge and experience in the representation of both institutions and private clients, in various courts of law, and is accredited for many precedents. He is a member of the National Insolvency Committee of the Israeli Bar Association and lectures about insolvency in the professional panels by the Israeli Bar Association. Banks, institutions and municipalities trust his representation, and he is appointed as a position holder in complex insolvency cases of companies and private clients. The firm has accumulated vast experience pertaining to insolvency proceedings and realizing the most complex securities in the country. Among the firm’s clients are Discount Bank, Mercantile Bank, Direct Finance, Harel Insurance Company, ERN, the municipality of Jerusalem, the municipality of Modiin, Mate Yehuda local council and more.

Professional excellence, thoroughness and persistence

The firms believes that the law is dynamic and requires constant studying, therefore studies and updates itself daily, in order to provide its clients with excellent legal services. The firm regularly partakes in conferences in Israel and abroad. Creativity, thoroughness and persistence characterize all aspects of the firms’ activities.

In addition, the firm deals with real estate, civil commercial litigation in the corporate field and estate management. The firm emphasizes professional personal service, and its clients enjoy its’ deep experience in many fields.

Fields of Expertise


The firm specializes in rehabilitating companies and associations, creditors and debt restructuring, dissolution and receiverships, bankruptcy, monetary claims and collection. The firm’s unique advantage is Adv. Efrati’s successful practical business experience, who implements his deep business understanding. The firm represents banks and financial institutes, insurance companies, gas companies, municipalities, councils, companies and private clients. Adv. Efrati is appointed by the court pertaining to insolvency matters, including receivership, special manager and trustee, and has accumulated experience in managing and selling insolvent businesses. The firm is widely experienced, is appointed in complex cases and has accumulated vast knowledge regarding asset smuggling and class preferences. Insolvency is a complex delicate legal and business field, bordering between the business and the legal worlds. The lawyers are required to represent companies supervised by the firm vis-a-vis the insolvency proceedings at court, nevertheless to manage the business in order to maximize it. The firm represents creditors and serves monetary claims regarding large debts. The firm rehabilitates companies and associations, prior to insolvency. The firm also submits dissolution and freezing proceedings on behalf of creditors, manages insolvency proceedings and collects debts. Moreover, the firm represents insolvent companies and private clients and assists them regarding their new path.

Real Estate

The firm has vast experience in real estate and represents companies, financial institutes, contractors and private entrepreneurs, in Israel and abroad, regarding a variety of transactions: gas stations and commercial centers, yielding real estate, sales, rent and urban renewal. The firm guides its clients throughout all aspects of planning procedures, deals with registrations aspects and works with the finest accountants regarding real estate taxation aspects.

Civil Commercial Litigation

The firm’s litigation field is among the finest in Israel. The firm has vast experience managing large complex litigation cases, and representing institutes and private clients, in all courts of law. The litigation cases include all civil commercial matters, including contracts, corporations, real estate, banking, etc. the firm represents banks and various financial institutes in monetary claims and in claims against these parties. The firm’s advantage is its thorough creative work, and managing the case closely with the client while including them in the process, in order to achieve optimal results, regarding the circumstances of each case. The firm also handles the transactions’ financial aspects, while using the various connections of the financial institutes represented by the firm. Adv. Efrati accumulated his vast experience in civil and commercial litigation, from the many cases in which he represented his clients in courts.

Corporate Law

The firm offers comprehensive legal services to a variety of companies, associations, partnerships and other local and international institutes in a wide array of matters, including regular representation of the corporation, commercial agreements, labor agreements, import-export, financing transactions and sales and acquisition. The firm guides its clients from the establishment period, and in all the following stages. The firm provides regular advice, drafts agreements, guides through transactions and renders services to directors, shareholders, executives, etc.


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